Levendigs was founded by an industrial designer Thomas Levendig with close to a decade of 3D Printing experience and the passion that comes with it. Thomas has worked with a wide range of printers in the industry, including, Prusa, Creality, Bambu Lab, Anycubic and DIY printers like Voron and the Ratrig.

With such a broad understanding of the industry Levendig Dsgn, now named Levedigs set out to provide premium solutions to not only help others with 3D Printing, but to improve on it.

Sock – X

In today’s 3D Printer market, a silicone cover on your heater block is one of the most accessible accessories for your hotend. The Sock-X by Levendig Dsgn is a premium product in their collection. With a ever expanding application range, the Sock-X silicone sock has been purpose designed to improve on any existing ones in the market with functionality and durability a focus.

Australian Stock

We are proud to be official reseller partners of Levendigs in-house products and mods.

If you have any questions or interests in another part of the Levendig Dsgn range, including those not yet available in our Australian store, please reach out to sales@sayercnc.com.au or Levendigs themselves at info@levendigs.com