Levendigs Sock-X Silicone Cover 4pc Set for E3D Revo Nozzles

Levendig Dsgn

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Set Contains:

  • 1x Blue Silicone Cover
  • 1x Green Silicone Cover
  • 1x Red Silicone Cover
  • 1x Yellow Silicone Cover

The new socks for Revo nozzles help keeping your nozzle clean, and lowering the convection heat from the nozzle to the printed part, slightly increasing the print quality. The socks come in sets of 4. The airgap to further lower convection heat has been inspired by the work of CNC Kitchen. 

e3d revo silicone covers

These Silicone socks are designed by levendigs, and are tailor-made for the E3D hotend.

There are multiple big advantages to such a small upgrade.

  1. They keep the heater block insulated, you don't want your heater block and nozzle to cool down because of the part cooling fan, do you? 
  2. Plastic won't stick to the nozzle anymore! This significantly lowers the chance of filament blobs and failed prints in general. 
  3. Less heat radiates from the nozzle, this causes a cooler environment and better part cooling for the print. 

Note: There are no nozzles included in this product.

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