Triangle-Lab MK8 Aluminium Heater Block Suits Ender 3 CR10 and More


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Aluminium heater blocks are a lightweight, cost-effective option with excellent thermal conductivity. This allows these blocks to efficiently transfer heat to the nozzle with the advantageous of not adding more weight to the hotend and having a great corrosion resistance.

Triangle-Lab aluminium heater blocks have not been sandblasted or anodized to hide imperfections as they have been precisely CNC machined out of high-quality materials.


  • Aluminium Heater Block to suit MK8 Style hotends
  • Required Hardware (retaining screws etc)
*Designed for glass bead or M3 thread thermistors

Pairing these heater blocks with a Bi-metal or Titanium heatbreak is an ideal upgrade. We range many heatbreaks and nozzles that sill suit.

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