Slice Engineering Boron Nitride Thermal Paste Genuine 1cc


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1x 1cc Tube of Boron Nitride Thermal Paste

Slice Engineering’s Boron Nitride Paste ensures even heat distribution in your hot block, improving printing performance and greater efficiency. And unlike some anti-seize compounds, BN Paste is not electrically conductive, eliminating the risk of shorting out your heater cartridge or thermistor. Moreover, BN Paste is inert and has no deleterious interactions with metals such as steel, aluminum, or copper alloys.

The Boron Nitride particles in our compound are in an aqueous suspension. Once heated, the suspension’s liquid portion evaporates, leaving a crumbly, clay-like paste behind. This paste has a highly conductive, tightly packed crystalline microstructure (31.4 W/mK at 100 °C). BN Paste’s unique thermal properties make it an ideal candidate for NASA and a necessary component for your printer.

Why Use BN Paste?

BN Paste can be used on heater and thermistors of which can help remove strain on the cartridges and improve thermal conductivity. 

The paste can work to hold/seal in sensors or heaters and can also be used to interface between the heat break and heatsink.

Applying Paste

Boron nitride paste should be used sparingly and all excess should be thoroughly removed before assembly of parts. 

Having paste inside the path of filament flow can cause clogs.  

Removing Paste

Boron nitride paste is water-soluble, this allows it to be removed easily with water. Please keep in mind that only a small amount of water is needed and you should always be mindful of the parts you are cleaning and use caution not to damage them.

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