Slice Engineering Alumina Filament Desiccant 10x More Powerful Than Most Silica

Slice Engineering

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Kit Contains:
  • 1x Filament Drying Desiccant in Stainless Steel Container
  • 1x Humidity indicator card


Size: 50mm x 60mm (designed to fit inside filament spool)

This is more than just basic silica gel

Wet 3D printing filament can cause all sorts of issues. In fact, many of the issues that hotends or nozzles get blamed for can actually be traced back to filament that has absorbed too much moisture. Slice Engineering’s facility is located in humid Florida, so they set out to find an easy way to keep the humidity from killing their prints. The Filament Drying Desiccant was the result.

To use simply remove the outer shrink wrap and pop off the cap, then insert the canister into the center of your filament spool. Store the spool in an airtight container and watch the humidity drop!

How to use the desiccant

1. Find the perforation in the shrink wrap and remove the plastic wrap around canister
2. Remove the plastic cap by twisting it clockwise ⭮
3.Place in sealed container with filament (ideally inside the spool as intended)

Please note: This desiccant can remove the the relative humidity down to 0%. Most hydrometers do not go this low so you may need to purchase one that does if you are concerned. The card in the kit will provide a indication of humidity.

Recharging desiccant

Simply place the entire canister in oven around 200°c+ for two hours

Slice Engineering Alumina Desiccant is designed for small containers holding 1 spool, but will still be effective in slightly larger containers. You may need to test performance if using in larger containers to make sure you are getting expected results.

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