Triangle Lab Prusa MMU E3D V6 Compatible Titanium Alloy Heat Break


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Compatible with Prusa MMU Printers with;

  • E3D PT100 V6 Heat Block
  • E3D PT100 Volcano Heat Block
  • E3D Volcano Heat Block
  • E3D V6 Heat Block
  • E3D Heatsinks
  • or Compatible variations
MMU Design

This heat break has been manufactured with MMU systems in mind. As shown the diagram below the "cold side" of the heat break has a slightly wider tube and the tube itself has had extra time spent on it in the internal polishing process. This helps prevent filament cogging and retraction issues you may come across with the MMU systems.

Not after a MMU specific heat break?

We have our standard Titanium V6 style breaks here:
Or our Steel All Metal V6 style breaks here:

Why grade 5 Titanium?

Using a titanium heat break can help with 3D printer performance, by helping keep the the "cool side" of your hot end cooler.

Thermal paste is recommended on the long section of the heat break when fitting. (Supplied) . Please see the manufactures/suppliers instructions of your hotend for more information on why and how to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: Thermal Paste supplied has a Max operation temp of approx. 240-250 degrees Celsius (464F), we suggest using a high performance paste on throat/heat break if you intend to use elsewhere than the long threads, typically this would only apply if the paste if used on the "hot side" of your hot end of which, in most cases is not recommended.

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