Phaetus Rapido 2 Ultra High Flow Hotend with 104NT Thermistor Black Model


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Features of the new RAPIDO 2 UHF Hotends
  • New titanium heatbreak designed for thermal and durability performance, reducing heat creep and increasing wear resistance
  • Redesigned strain relief and easier maintenance
  • Rectangular ceramic heater core, increasing efficiency (just 200°c in 35secs!) with a max printing temperature of $350°c (up from 280°c on V1)
  • Ultra high flow rates of up to 75mm3/s
  • Detachable thermistor (104NT) and heater core
  • One handed nozzles changes
  • High flow extender (allowing V6 and Volcano style nozzle applications)
  • Same form factor as the Rapido V1
  • Modular mounting system to adapt to many 3D printers
Form Factor & Flow

The detachable groove mount adapter allows for dual use of groove mount like the standard V6 design or screw mount that is used in printers like the Voron. The Rapido hotend has 16mm bolt circle diameter mounting screw hole of which is the same as the dragon hotend.

The Rapido UHF hotend has the same overall dimensions as the Volcano hotend with V6 or compatible nozzles installed by default. it can be used as a direct replacement for the Volcano hotend while having a higher flow rate (up to 75mm³/s) and the same extrusion accuracy than the Volcano.

Hotend supplied by Triangle-lab - Unlike previous models of the Rapido, the V2 does not come with Triangle-Lab packaging.

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