KUSBA ADXL345 V2.4 USB C Input Shaper / Shaping Set for Klipper Firmware


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The kit Contains;

1x KUSBA USB-ADXL345 Board (USB Type C)

1x Two Meter USB Type C Cable


The KUSBA PCB was designed by xbst / Isik's Tech to simplify the entire input shaping process. Allowing you to measure resonances for input shaping with just a PCB and USB C Cable. 

Xbst has been a major contributor in the 3D printing space for some time now and is the creator of many other projects like the PiCAN board. We support xbst via online channels and recommend that you do the same if you are able. 

Input Shaping

Along with the relatively new 3D Printer firmware “Klipper” comes with it, support for input shaping, a process used to reduce ghosting in 3D prints. It works by measuring the frequencies of the printer and then using that data to tune the printer and cancel out the troublesome frequencies.

The Triangle-Labs USB-ADXL345 Kit provides you with everything you need for input shaping on you printer and at the same time, making it easier to setup compared to other methods.

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