Igus Drylin RJ4JP-01 LM8UU Genuine Linear Slide Polymer Bearing Bushing


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Genuine igus drylin Polymer Linear Slide Bearing / Bushing


· Where LM8UU style bearings are used.

· On 8mm smooth rods

Due to the nature of polymer bushes / bearings, it is always recommended to research your specific application before using.

Why Igus Polymer Bushings?

Drylin Igus linear slide bearings are a lightweight, self-lubricating, maintenance free alternative to linear bearings and are designed for 3D Printer applications.

They have the potential to have a longer service life and are also corrosion, dirt resistant and have higher sock resistance over their ball bearing counterparts.

Drylin Bushings / bearings are sort after mostly for their silent running, of which can greatly reduce the noise from your 3D printer.

Please Note: Drylin linear slide bearings are self-lubricating, therefore, no lubrication is required and, in some cases, can make performance worse, if applied. Do not over compress polymer bushes as this may deform the bushing and effect its performance.


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