Genuine N52 Grade Magnet 6x3 mm Neodymium Disc Button North Polarity Marked

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Item / Listing includes:

  • 1x N52 Grade 6mm x 3mm North Marked Button Magnet

*North Marking can be removed

What are N52 Grade Magnets

N52 grade magnets are a specific type of neodymium magnet, known for its exceptional strength and magnetic properties. The N52 designation refers to its strength. N52 magnets have one of the highest maximum energy any grade in the neodymium magnet family, second only to the rarely used N55 grade.

Small Magnet safety

These magnets are not intended for use in toys, construction/model kits or jewellery. Australian law forbids the aforementioned sale of these for these purposes and Sayer CNC take no responsibility for the use after sale. These are intended for commercial/industrial use and the following should be considered before purchase.

While genuine N52 grade strength magnets can be fantastic for your project. At a 6x3 size and due to their strength, these high-powered magnets can be quite dangerous to small children if swallowed.

When a magnet is ingested and another metallic object or magnet is consumed or in close proximity, the attraction between them pulls them towards each other inside the body. This can cause infection, obstruction and holes in any tissue that gets caught between them. Emergency endoscopy or surgery is needed to remove them and prevent significant injury. If you think that your child has swallowed magnets, go immediately to your nearest emergency department.

Who is at risk?

Young children are most at risk as they explore their environment and place many small objects in their mouths. Most small objects will pass through their digestive system with little or no damage. Teenagers are also at risk, as some teens use two magnets to mimic piercings by placing one on the cheek and the other in their mouth or on their tongue.

As the magnets are tiny, they can easily be swallowed. Their small size makes it possible for more than one to be swallowed at once. When ingested, these can cause serious and life-long complications.

How common are these injuries?

During the period from January 2019 to June 2020, 11 children were admitted to the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network for treatment.

What are the symptoms in a child who has swallowed a magnet?

Children may not show any symptoms at first. It may be hours or even days before dangerous symptoms are noticed.

Some early symptoms include:

  • Gagging or choking
  • Drooling

More dangerous symptoms that may present later:

  • Abdominal pain, discomfort or cramps
  • Vomiting


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