GATES GT2 Belt LL-2GT-6 EPDM High Temp Timing Power Grip GT - 6mm Genuine

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Compatible with;

CNC/3D Printers etc that use 6mm belts / pulleys and require higher temperatures.


  • 6mm Width with 2mm pitch
  • Glass-Fibre reinforced EPDM rubber belt
  • Part# LL-2GT E (6mm)

Ideal replacement for old or cheap belts on machines.

While it is important for GT2 timing belts to have high-performing physical attributes, it is essential that they are made out of material that that can withstand high temperatures and resist wear, when the application requires it. Gates high temp range of timing belts exclusively constructed with EPDM, a high-performance synthetic rubber compound. Belts made with EPDM offer a 70% broader temperature range compared to other belts and resist hardening to avoid cracking. They meet the Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (RMA) standards for oil and heat resistance as well as static conductivity.

Creality 3D printer users will require crimps/clips on the ends of the belt. You can find 3D printed solutions HERE: (I have only briefly tested these, No guarantee these will work with your application) or we can provide you with up to 4 crimps per metre (as per below picture). Just shoot us a message and we will add them to your delivery. Please note that you will need a crimper or alternative means (e.g pilers) to crimp these.

RF Variation

We currently sell Both RF and Non-RF types of 2GT belts. The RF variant can be identified by the red/orange look to the teeth of the belt. This coating is designed by GATES to help prevent belt dust on initial drive along with promoting vibration reduction and smoother running.

Please note the EPDM Gates belts do not have the red/orange teeth that the RF variations have.

Common belt application and sizes;

  • Ender 3 V2 X Axis: 795 mm
  • Ender 3 V1 X Axis: 765 mm
  • Ender 3 V1 Y Axis: 720 mm
  • CR-10 X Axis: 925mm
  • CR-10 Y Axis: 1020
  • CR-10s X Axis: 925mm
  • CR-10s Y Axis: 1020
  • Prusa Mk3 X Axis: 850 mm
  • Prusa Mk3 Y Axis: 650 mm
Belt quantities are always supplied over purchase amount. If you require slightly more than a metre you should be OK to order just 1x unit, though it is always encouraged to contact us if you have any specific requirements and we can see what we can do for you.

Our GATES products are genuine and it is advised to double check when purchasing similar products elsewhere. The defining characteristics on genuine GATES 2GT belts are the string of part numbers and branding approx. every few feet along the belts outer face. If the belt is Fibre reinforced, you will notice reddish fibres along the edge and if it is a "RF" variant (E.g LL-2GT-9 RF), the teeth of the belt will have a red fibre look also. While the teeth are typically black rubber on non-genuine products, there are some in the market that have a much more flat and orange look to the teeth.

PLEASE NOTE: Product is sold by the metre and will arrive in one continuous length based on the requested amount.

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