E3D V6 Compatible Protective Silicone Sock Cover BLUE / BLACK / ORANGE Prusa


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KIT CONTAINS: 1x Copper Brush 2x Silicone Socks

Fantastic upgrade for E3D V6 style heat blocks or equivalent.

Provides a substantial increase in temperature stability, helps to protect hot / heater end of 3D Printer from burnt plastics all while preventing failed prints attaching to the heater block and removing the restrictions of part cooling fans that may change your hotend temperatures.

Made from a heat resistant silicone that can withstand normal operating temperatures of your 3D Printer (300c) and is designed to be the best OE equivalent option available. Looking for a higher temp silicone sock? Please see below or our other listing for more information.

The copper cleaning brush is designed to allow you to clean your hot end, while not not damaging the parts you are cleaning.

Item Specifications;
  • Colour: Blue / Black / Orange (Depending on selection)
  • Material: High Temp Silicone
  • To Suit: E3D V6 type heater blocks OE or Aftermarket (Depending on selection)
  • Cleaner: Copper Brush
  • Brush Head: 40mm x 13mm
  • Brush Handle: 130mm
Please note these covers, like most of our V6 compatible products will fit the Prusa Mk2/Mk3 Range of printers


We now have in stock, silicone socks that can handle 320+c temps on the heater block. Now with its design and specs, it outperforms others in the market.

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