Creality Upgrade Kit Ender 3 5 CR10 Extruder Spring Capricorn Tube Silicone Sock


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Official Creality ALL-METAL Extruder Upgrade Kit with Capricorn Tubing, Springs and Silicone Covers for Creality Printers x1 Unit

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Genuine Creality Upgrade Kit

  • 1x Official Creality All-Metal Extruder
  • 2x Official Creality Silicone Cover
  • 4x Official Creality Die Spring Upgrade
  • 1x Genuine Capricorn XS PTFE Tubing 1mtr
  • 1x Official Creality PTFE Cutter

All-Metal Extruder

Upgrading to an all-metal extruder is a budget friendly way to introduce a more durable and reliable upgrade to your printer. This optimized extruder can maintain a better mechanical pressure against your filament, reducing slipping and is adjustable as needed.

Using the official Creality all-metal extruder allows for a direct replacement with no modification required and provides you with everything you need to get it done. Don't hold out on upgrading until your plastic extruder breaks!

*All Hardware and fittings are included in kit for extruder install

Silicone Covers

Provides a substantial increase in temperature stability, helps to protect hot / heater end of 3D Printer from burnt plastics all while preventing failed prints attaching to the heater block and removing the restrictions of part cooling fans that may change your hotend temperatures.

Die Springs

Die compression springs introduces a more rigid and flat ended spring vs the OE original spring, allowing for more consistent bed levels, reduced vibration and little shifting or movement while operating your printer.

Capricorn XS Bowden PTFE Tubing

Genuine Capricorn tubing introduces less friction, less shrinkage, slipping, abrasion, accurate printing and high temperature resistance. Paired with our aftermarket fitting kit that has metal teeth pneumatic connectors, it also makes it one of the easiest upgrades.

PTFE Cutter

Creality's own PTFE tube cutter. Allows you to cut tubing flush and straight. With the stainless steel blade we recommend you try this cutter over any other. The feel is more premium, with a smoother spring and made of high quality food grade ABS.

Additional Upgrades

Why stop there? Along with the Creality Upgrade Kit above, we have many other upgrade options in our store, including the official Creality Bed Leveling Wheels*.

* AVAILABLE VIA OUR eBAY STORE (Not included in above listing)

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