CNC Kitchen Plated Volcano Adapter V3 Adapt V6 Nozzles to Volcano Blocks

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Set Contains: 
1x Adaptor
1x Allen key
  • Material: Nickel Plated Copper
  • Improved Design for Hot-Tightening
  • Incl. 2mm Hex Key
  • Use any standard length V6 nozzle on a printer with volcano hotend
  • Specially designed to be used together with Bondtechs CHT nozzle to improve the flow performance of your volcano hotend
  • Usable up to 400°C
  • Low friction plating
  • Suitable for all materials, even abrasive ones (CF, wood, glow in the dark)

Intended use

This brass adapter can be used to install any standard length V6 into a Volcano heater block. It bridges the 8.5 mm length difference between standard and volcano nozzles. This way, you don’t need separate nozzles for your different hotends. All standard nozzles will now also fit a Volcano heater block.


Stick the adapter onto a 2.0 mm Straight Hex Key and carefully screw it into the HOT heater block from the bottom. The temperature should be at least your usual printing temperature. Please don’t use a Ball End Hex Key because that can strip the hex in the adapter. Tighten it carefully to around 0.5 – 1.0 Nm. Install your standard length V6 nozzle as usual.

Make sure there is a small gap between the nozzle and the heater block. This ensures that you tightened the nozzle against the adapter and not the heater block. Otherwise, plastic might leak through the threads.

Credits: This adapter is based on an idea from Nitram who is the father of the VolcoMosq heater block!

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