CNC Kitchen Heat Threaded Insert M2 M2.5 M3 VORON M4 M5 M6 M8 1/4" MIXED SET

CNC Kitchen

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Introducing CNC Kitchens threaded inserts, designed for use with 3D Printed plastics / Projects including resin. Paired with CNC Kitchens soldering tips, there is no need to look further for your fastening solutions on your parts.

Threaded inserts can significantly increase the strength and durability of 3D printed parts. The inserts provide a stronger and more reliable connection between the printed part and other components, making them more resistant to wear and tear, especially when there is repeated use of the hardware on the parts (e.g unscrewing/screwing etc)

The inserts offer versatility in terms of the types of fasteners that can be used. Different inserts can be used for different types of screws and bolts, making it possible to customize the design and function of a printed part.

Using threaded inserts can simplify the assembly process for printed parts. Instead of having to design and print parts with screw holes, inserts can be added to a printed part after it has been printed, allowing for easier and more accurate assembly.

Overall, threaded inserts can provide many benefits for 3D printing projects, including increased strength and durability, versatility, ease of assembly, reusability, and improved aesthetics.

  • ORIGINAL CNC Kitchen threaded inserts for 3D printed parts (PLA, PETG, ABS, etc.),
  • HIGHEST QUALITY, make your printed parts to professional products
  • PRECISE CNC machined inserts made from high-quality Lead and Cadmium free alloy
  • EASY INSTALLATION with a soldering iron. Installation temperature is the printing temperature +10 °C

Specifications (Please see pictures for more information):
Please note: Some sizes only have one variation currently available in the range. 

  • M2 short: 100pcs
  • M2.5 short 100pcs
  • M3 standard: 100pcs
  • M3 short: 100pcs
  • M3x5x4 Standard (Voron): 100pcs
  • M4 standard: 50pcs
  • M4 short: 50pcs
  • M5 standard: 50pcs
  • M5 short: 50pcs
  • M6 standard: 20pcs
  • M8 Standard: 20pcs
  • 1/4" standard:20pcs
  • Set standard: M3x5.7 mm (100pcs); M4x8.1 mm (50pcs); M5x9.5 mm (50pcs)
  • Set short: M3x3.0 mm (100pcs); M4x4.0 mm (50pcs); M5x5.8 mm (50pcs)

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