Brass E3D V6 Compatible Airbrush Tipped Triangle Lab High Quality Nozzle


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1x High End Brass Airbrush Tipped V6 Nozzle


Specifications (see pictures for more info): 

Thread: M6

Length: 17 mm

Tool/Hex Size: 7 mm

Aperture Sizes: 0.2 / 0.4 / 0.6 (depending on selection) 

Compatible with:

V6 E3D Style Hotends

Slice Engineering Mosquito Hotend 

Triangle Labs high end brass nozzles

Triangle-Labs manufacturing process closely follows OEM specifications/drawings and is machined from a top quality brass alloy on a 5 axis CNC and then the aperture drilled precisely. Leaving a accurate centred and smooth filament path. These Triangle-Lab nozzles are designed to give you the best print result possible.

It has taken us a long-time start selling V6 brass alloy nozzles and this is because most are poor quality and in a industry where many parts look alike, we wanted to provide the best brass nozzle we have access to and after much testing we are now proud to be supplying Triangle-Labs high end brass V6 nozzles compatible with E3D V6 hotends, Mosquito Hotends and many more aftermarkets options.

As many of you are aware, we pride ourselves in providing quality products and not just random 3D Printer parts in the market. These nozzles are no exception.

Are brass airbrush nozzles right for your application?

In (FDM) 3D printing, the size of the nozzle plays a pivotal role in determining the level of intricate detail that can be produced. Though there are limitations to this when printing super fine details.

When printing small details, the radiant heat of a standard nozzle may can quality to lack. Having the advantage of a higher clearance may also be a benefit to printing small fine detailed prints.

This is where the airbrush tipped nozzle plays an important role. With its thin and long stainless steel airbrush tip, it allows you to get better quality out of these type of prints and/or applications where you need more clearance at the point of the nozzle. 


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