Bondtech PTFE Fitting and Tube Upgrade Kit for Prusa Mini 3D Printer


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Bondtech's PTFE kit allows you to upgrade the fittings to Bondtech's own machined brass fittings with collets and locking clips. No more loose tubing along with added advantage of being able to replace PTFE tubing more easily

Kit Includes:

  • 2x Bowden Fitting for Prusa Mini
  • 2x Push-fit collet 4mm
  • 2x Bowden clip 1.75
  • 1x Chamfered PTFE Tube



  • Tube Length: 360mm
  • Tube Size: 2mm ID x 4mm OD
  • Fitting Material: Brass

Required for the setup:

  1. Bondtech PTFE fittings set for Prusa Mini
  2. 8mm Wrench / Spanner (included with the mini)
  3. Permanent marker (optional)



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