All Metal V6 E3D Compatible Heat Break 1.75MM Filament Premium Upgrade


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1x All-Metal Premium Heatbreak
1x Thermal Paste

Why All Metal?

Upgrading to an all metal heatbreak allows you to get cleaner retractions, less oozing and the most ideal advantage, being able to print filaments that require temperatures over 240°c.

The limitation of PTFE lined heatbreaks, causing the PTFE tubing to degrade if temperatures go over 240°c. An all metal heatbreak is the solution to this.

Triangle-Lab all metal heatbreaks are made to a high standard and are not your everyday cheaply made units. They are a premium high quality machined, internally polish heatbreak to make sure your upgrade, is just that, and not a waste of time.

After the ultimate upgrade? We also supply All-Metal Titanium Heatbreaks for most common printers along with other hotend upgrades.

Thermal Paste

It is recommended that you fit any of our heatbreaks with a small amount of thermal paste. That is why we supply GD900 Thermal paste with every heatbreak order to make sure you have everything needed to get upgraded.

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