Triangle Lab All Metal Hotend Extruder Kit Titanium Heat Break CR-10S PRO Upgrade


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  • 1x Aluminium Heatsink
  • 1x Titanium Heat Break
  • 1x Collet
  • 1x Clip
  • 1x Bonus Silicone Sock

Bonus Silicone Sock

Our all-metal hot ends come with a bonus silicone sock/cover for a MK8/Creality Heater block. They ship with a BLACK sock. If you would like a BLUE / ORANGE Sock please add a message to us while checking out with your preference.

All Metal Hotend (Heatsink and Heat Break assembly)

Our new all metal assemblies are a fuss free drop in solution for upgrading your 3D printer to create better thermal control and allow printing of high temp filament.

Paired with an aluminum heatsink, the titanium heat break provides awesome thermal insolation to prevent heat creep and is a more ideal material over stainless steel due to its higher strength and up to three times lower thermal conductivity.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the same as the generic “all metal” hotend assemblies on the market and is a premium option. The machining, internal surfacing and materials are worlds apart. Due to the nature of the upgrade, you may need to increase the temperature of your hotend once installed.


  • CR-10S PRO

While every care in taken to make sure our products meet the requirements for certain printers, due to so many variations, it is advised to make sure this is the product/upgrade for your printer.

The CR-10S PRO from factory comes with a 0.75mm pitch thread on the heater block. Our upgrade kits are designed around the more popular MK8 style. You may need to also upgrade the heater block to a MK8 style if you are upgrading from stock hardware.

Other Creality Printers;

If you are looking for this style of hotend for other Creality Printers, please see our other listing.

Additional upgrades

We recommend pairing this kit with a plated copper / brass heater block and hardened nozzle to create the ultimate performance upgrade. We have many options available in our store along with other premium parts.

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