4pc 3D Printer Springs for Bed Upgrade Yellow / Blue for Ender 3 CR10 and More

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Build Plate Die Springs Upgrade made for Creality and Varies applications (Set of 4)

Product details;

  • Colour: Blue / Yellow (depending on selection)
  • OD: 8mm
  • ID: 4.4mm
  • Length: 25mm or 20mm

Upgrading to a 65mn die compression spring introduces a more rigid and flat ended spring vs the OE springs, allowing for more consistent bed levels, reduced vibration and little shifting or movement while operating your printer.

We have had these springs manufactured for this particular purpose and offer them in two different colours, while the colour does typically mean a difference in spring tension, this is not the case with our springs and both share the same specs (as yellow die springs).

These springs are suited for many printers, including, but not limited to;

  • Ender 3 variations
  • CR-10/s/mini
  • And any other print beds that use the same size springs


Please remember that changing the springs on your printer will change where your nozzle sits in most cases and may result in having to change your Z height and/or Z limit switch height followed by re-leveling your bed. Your results/conditions will vary depending on your build surface and the thickness of the bed.


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