3D Printer Thermistor NTC 100k B3950 Glass Bead 1 Meter 2pin Dupont Connector

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NTC 100k B3950 thermistors provide a good balance between accuracy and sensitivity, making them suitable for temperature measurements in 3D printing applications. Their resistance changes in a reasonably linear manner with temperature, allowing for precise temperature control.

NTC 100k B3950 Thermistors are one of the most common thermistors used in 3D Printers, including Creality 3D printers etc.

Listing Contains;
  • 1 Meter Glass Bead NTC 100k Thermistor Cable
Compatible with;
  • Heater blocks with glass bead retainer
  • 3D Printers using NTC 100k B3950 Thermistors
  • Thermistor Type: NTC 100k B3950
  • Connector: 2 Pin DuPont
  • Thermistor Head: Glass Bead
  • Cable Length: 1 Meter
  • Temperature: Up to 280°c

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