Genuine GATES Belts 2GT RF and EPDM in 3D Printer / CNC Applications

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In 3D printing and other additive/subtractive manufacturing, the belt is a crucial component that drives the motion of the machine. A high-quality belt can make all the difference in the accuracy and consistency of your prints. That's why Gates PowerGrip 2GT belts have gained such a reputation as some of the best in the industry. With their second to none performance, reliability, and durability, Gates belts have become the go-to for 3D printing and CNC machines here in Australia.

So, let's take a closer look at why Gates PowerGrip 2GT belts are the preferred choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Why Gates Belts are Best for 3D Printers and CNC Machines:

There are several reasons why Gates PowerGrip 2GT belts are a popular application for 3D printers and CNC machines.


  • The belts extremely precise - the tooth profile is designed to fit perfectly with compatible pulleys, ensuring smooth, accurate motion. This is essential for achieving consistent, high-quality prints or cuts.
  • With a unique tooth profile this also reduces the amount of vibration and noise produced during operation. This not only makes the machine quieter and more pleasant to use, but can also reduce wear and tear on other components over time.
  • They are highly durable, thanks to their high-quality materials and construction. They are fibre reinforced and use high quality rubber materials. This makes them ideal for use in environments with high temperatures, wanted to reduce dust and belt debris or needing added exposure to chemicals

 Gates Genuine Belts Australia

The Problem with Fake/Clone Gates Belts:

Unfortunately, there are many fake or clone Gates belts on the market, which can be difficult to distinguish from the genuine article. These fake belts may look similar, but are often made from lower-quality materials and may not perform as well as the real thing. They may also be more prone to breaking or wearing out quickly, which can cause frustration and lost time for users.

Some common things to look for in a non-genuine belt are:


  • Bright coloured nylon teeth on RF belts – Generally genuine Gates RF belts have a deep reg/orange colour to the teeth. Clone belts are usually a lot brighter
  • Part number markings – Genuine Gates belts have their part numbers printed on them along with the Gates grand and belt model (Powergrip etc)
  • Genuine Gates belts fibre can be seen in the side provide of the belt – Some clone belts are not fibre reinforced and you will not be able to see the orange fibres in the side of the belt.

Please keep in mind that while the above are good indicators of genuine/non-genuine belts, some clones can still look quite convincing.


Different Material Types of Gates Belts:

There are several different types of Gates PowerGrip 2GT belts, each designed for specific applications. The two most common types include:

Gates ll-2gt RF Belt data diagram australia

  • GATES RF Belts:

Gates RF belts, also known as reinforced fiberglass belts, are engineered for heavy-duty applications that demand high torque transmission and precise motion control. These belts are composed of fiberglass cords coated with a unique rubber compound and then a dust reducing nylon coating over the teeth of which provides excellent resistance to wear, stretching, and fatigue. With the reinforced fiberglass core, they are strong and durable enough to handle high torque loads without slipping or stretching. Furthermore, the precise tooth profile and pitch of Gates RF belts ensure smooth and silent operation while being resistant to heat, chemicals, and abrasion.

As mentioned, the Gates RF belts also generate less dust and debris than conventional V-belts. The superior tooth profile and coating prevent dust and debris accumulation, making them an ideal choice for general applications. While they are more costly than cheaper belts, they offer outstanding performance and reduced dust whether you're working on an industrial project, hobby printer or running a CNC machine.

Gates LL-2GT EPDM belt data diagram Australia


  • GATES EPDM Belts:

EPDM Gates belt material is a synthetic rubber compound that provides superior resistance to heat, weather, chemicals, and UV radiation. As a result, EPDM Gates belts are ideal for demanding applications that require durability and flexibility, in high temperature environments such as heated chambers. The precise tooth profile and pitch of Gates EPDM belts ensure smooth and quiet operation while resisting wear and abrasion.

Gates EPDM belts offer excellent tensile strength, ensuring reliable performance and longevity, even under high torque loads. They are also resistant to chemical degradation, making them a suitable choice for use in applications that involve exposure to oils, solvents, and acids. Additionally, they do have resistance to weathering and water. Gates provides EPDM belts in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications, ensuring reliable and efficient power transmission in a wide range of industries. Whether you're operating an industrial machinery or an HVAC system, Gates EPDM belts provide exceptional strength, flexibility, and durability, ensuring reliable performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Gates Closed Loop Belts Australia

Different Sizes of Gates Belts:

Both RF and EPDM Gates Belts come in many sizes in shapes.

Closed loop – Various sizes of closed loop belts where open-end belts do not fit application

Open / Continuous Length – One length that can be cut to size

Width – Belt width to suit pulley. Most common sizes are 6mm, 9mm and 10mm


In Conclusion:

In the world of additive/subtractive manufacturing, the quality of the belt that drives the motion of the machine can make or break the accuracy and consistency of your prints and sometimes it just feels awesome to know you have quality parts on your machine. This is where Gates PowerGrip 2GT belts come in. With their exceptional performance, reliability, and durability, these belts have become the choice for 3D printing and CNC machine OEMs, professionals and hobbyists across Australia.

What sets Gates belts apart is their precise tooth profile, unique vibration and noise reduction properties, and high-quality materials and construction, making them ideal for use in demanding environments.

However, buyers should be wary of fake or clone Gates belts that flood the market and buy from reputable sources. Overall, Gates PowerGrip 2GT belts come in various types, such as RF and EPDM, each designed for specific applications, providing outstanding performance and reduced maintenance costs.

So, whether you're a professional or an enthusiast, you should not underestimate a great quality belt and investing in Gates belts will undoubtedly in many cases enhance the accuracy and quality of your prints or cuts, resulting in a smoother and more efficient experience.

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