3D Printing in Australia: Where to find Makerspace or Hackerspace near you

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3d Printing Makerspaces Australia


While 3D printers in 2022 are a hobby anyone can enjoy on a low budget thank you to Creality 3D’s Ender range sometimes you just want to give something a try first, or find another hobby through the 3D printing gateway.

Makerspaces and hackerspaces are a great way to immerse yourself in the 3D printing hobby without a large upfront cost, want to involve yourself in the Australian 3D printing community or if you want to try other hobbies like CNC etc.

Makerspaces and hackspaces in Australia give a real-world experience and location for people the maker community. These can either be in the form of a sponsored makerspace, or student / community makerspace.


Where to find a Makerspace, Hackerspace and 3D printing communities in Australia 2022



The Edge

BMS: Brisbane Makerspace

Carindale Library

UQ Innovate




City of Sydney

Western Sydney Uni

Robots & Dinosaurs

Makerspace & Co



Space Tank


Ballarat Hackerspace

Kathleen Syme Makerspace

Library at the Dock



Makerspace Adelaide


SA Makers

Hackerspace Adelaide



Canning Libraries

Armadale Library




Hobart Hackerspace


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