3D printer heatbreak comparison by Keith Brown

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Bi-Metal heatbreaks have made a major impact on the 3D Printing industry. Every day new options for heatbreaks are becoming available. 

The overall goal for a 3D Printer heatbreak in general is to allow heat to be maintained in the heater block along with preventing said heat from rising into the "cold side" of the hotend, this is commonly referred to as heat creep. 

In Keith Brown's analysis of the most common heatbreak upgrade today he compares the bi-metal heatbreak vs stock heatbreaks for a more in-depth look.

Keith covers the benefits and the troubleshoots some side effects some printers have. 

Please click the link below to view. 

3D printer heat-break comparison by Keith Brown


3 Metal Heatbreak Comparison3 Metal Heatbreak Comparison

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